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Heal The Hurt Become A Debit Donor

As an NPO we rely on donations and funding to run all our projects. Help us protect the ones who need it most. Our Children.

Account Name: Child Welfare Bloemfontein and Childline Free State
Bank: Nedbank
Account Type: Current Account
Account no: 1158 372 469
Branch code: 198765

VAT no: 478 012 2448
NPO no: 002-775-NPO
PBO no: 18/11/13/681
PBO ref: 130000681

B-BBEE Qualifying Small Enterprise Level One (135% B-BBEE procurement recognition level) contributor



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Food Parcels

Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever struggled to provide for your family’s basic needs? It is difficult to address other problems when a family is hungry so please remember us when you do your grocery shopping. Suggestions for a food parcel: maize, tinned food, soup, pasta, peanut butter, oil, rice, tea, coffee etc.

Ramatheola Jumble Sale

Ramatheola means ‘much for less’ and that is exactly how our jumble sale works. Your second-hand goods can be someone else’s treasure and also help us to raise much needed funds. Any goods that are still in working condition, from linen, clothing, shoes, crockery cutlery and kitchen utensils are welcome.

Stationary Packs

Please donate stationery for our children The importance of education should never be underestimated and meeting a child’s basic stationery needs goes a long way in achieving their educational goals. Stationery donations are used at our after-school programmes and given to children who need school supplies. Suggestions for a stationary parcel: Crayons, pens, pencils, finger paints, paper, stickers etc.

Baby Basics Bag

Donate a gift pack especially for new mothers containing necessities such as clothing, nappies, food, cream, powder, etc. These packs will make an enormous difference to new mothers and also help to support our temporary safe care parents who provide after hour care to babies.

Comfy Packs

These packs are intended to comfort sexual abuse victims directly after the incident. Donate a special parcel prepared with love. A package can include something to eat and drink, a soft toy as comfort, toiletries and underwear. We need as least 35 of these packs per month.



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